The Importance of Good Mobile Design by Mobile UX Expert Carmelo Cerrelli

October 17, 2014
Over the years, the web has gone mobile which is evident from a recent report which claims that 25% of people with Smartphone’s use that phone as the main device for accessing information on-line.

Since more and more users are accessing the web from more places on more devices than ever before. Therefore, it is crucial for web designers and website owners of any business that benefits of the Internet to build a website designed for mobile devices or for every project they do they must address a mobile strategy.

The main objective of a mobile web design is simply to design a website that would fit smaller screens such as mobile devices. Even though regular websites can be viewed on mobile devices, the fonts and images are not as visible as websites specifically designed for mobile.

One of the most effective ways of getting an app to stand out is the creative design of that aap, as what an app looks like is the first aspect people notice about it, even before they see how it functions. So, it is highly imperative that initial visual impression affects the entire user experience and will likely determine the ultimate success of an app.

As advised by Mobile UX expert Carmelo Cerrelli, it is the quality of creative design that attract customers which later on affects the business results.

Keep Your Design Simple, Fast and Fun
In the mobile age while content is still king, fast and simple information should be your focus to convert visitors into customers.  Therefore, do not clutter your mobile website with content that only aims to impress your visitors but focus on content that will convert them to buy your product or contact you.

One of the biggest trends in mobile app design today is simplicity while also making it fun for the user which means incorporating things like bright colors, cool textures, 3D effects and any other options.

Usability considerations on the mobile web also call for a simplified approach to design, layout and navigation which means clean, intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate and don’t try to be flashy.

As a general rule of thumb when converting a desktop site design to mobile format, you want to simplify things wherever possible, as  your customers will appreciate it if the important information on your mobile website is easy to find and loads fast on mobile screens.

Keeping file size and load times down is always a good idea for a mobile site, as mobile users use their mobile phones to access basic information because they want that information in as fast as they can, so the faster your mobile site loads the better.

As discussed by Mobile UX expert Carmelo Cerrelli above, the key to creative mobile design is not to go overboard. Always keep in mind that the size of mobile screens ensures that every element counts, no matter how tiny, so to make an app successful, each one of those elements has to be both beautiful and useful.